Attention:  According to the experts, America’s best days are behind it.  However, we at disagree.  

What the experts say?  Now that the GOP has passed its tax plan, safety net programs, as well as middle and working class healthcare consumers can expect a bumpy road ahead. Making matters worse, automation, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and the mass exodus of brick and mortar retail stores are expected to wreak havoc on local economies, community organizations and small to mid-sized businesses across the nation. The new tax plan will also cut deep into the nation’s healthcare system, as inequality and an aging population bring with them costly health issues and the need to solve multiple complex problems concurrently. Failing to address threats caused by climate change and changing demographics will leave cities across the nation struggling to survive, as our once civil society falls into poor health and disrepair. Resources will become increasingly scarce, unless something radical happens to protect the public’s interests.

We at  understand the problems facing our nation are interrelated and interdependent.  In fact, our plan can fulfill many of the well-documented and shared goals of the 99%, while using our collective buying power to make purchases that redirect the flow of taxpayer dollars away from companies that cause and exploit financial hardship… toward those that value people more than profits.

Unlike existing plans under consideration, our plan will use the collective buying power of our members to negotiate for lower cost for health-related goods and services. In contrast to union based and private insurance plans, the benefits will be shared by all members, without charging premiums, deductibles or co-pays. We will also use proceeds to create local jobs that will help veterans and dual eligibles better adhere to their care plans. The resulting combination of sustainable job training and creation, shared infrastructure, rewards and performance-based grants will use existing resources smarter to improve response time, health outcomes and local economies, and pave the way to Single Payer in an apolitical, nonpartisan and sustainable manner. Most notably, this plan will pay for itself in a timely manner, without increasing taxes, raising the deficit or requiring legislation.

By helping safety net programs leverage a better collaborate on behalf of shared interests (patients, interventions, communities), we can help cities and states better assess and address emerging needs of the population as it ages, and as inequality and neglect take their toll.

We can help safety net programs collaborate on behalf of shared interests (patients, interventions, communities) – with a bold counter plan, as called for by Naomi Klein in her groundbreaking “call to action” (click HERE to watch).

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