Community Development


As a cooperative business, we enhance the quality of relationships between communities, local employers, merchants, vendors, service providers and safety net programs.  This strategy will provide the participants in our program with a broader range of options in the job market, as well as, facilitate and inspire the creation of small, community-centered businesses.

We seek to empower individuals and communities by providing them with the tools, training, resources and the support needed to effect positive change. Recognizing the value of self-sufficiency, self-confidence and economic growth, we must strive to strengthen our communities through job, trade, and skills training, and through entrepreneurial workshops. Exposing at risk youth, millennials, and the coming generations to team dynamics, at a young age, and as early as possible, will maximize their chances for ingenuity, career success, and leadership prowess.

PHIERS is designed to improve relationships between all members of the stakeholder community, with a special focus on connecting mental health professionals with veterans and first responders – like police officers – in need of emotional, mental, and/or physical support.  By engaging community organizations in coordinated interventions, we will encourage and reward participation in ways that build trust and improve relationships between divided populations; populations such as minority groups, the continuous wave of immigrants coming to “the land of the free”, and police officers who are increasingly concerned about their own physical and mental well-being.  PHIERS provides the tools to quickly establish and improve channels of communication, continually presenting better opportunities to acquaint officers and the communities they serve, all in a way that encourages collaboration and mutual respect.  We can help.

The PHIERplace is the perfect tool to promote community development initiatives – this can be done by inviting and rewarding small businesses which offer social value and improve the quality of life of people in their local communities.  Useful services include, but are not limited to: affordable child care, adult day care, cooking, cleaning, transportation, errands, caregiver support services, babysitting, repairs, plumbing, electrical work, painting, landscaping, etc.

This strategy is particularly relevant to millennials and other long-term un(der)-employed members of society seeking work.  Any and everyone who contributes to improving the quality of life for those in their communities, or the performance of local businesses with a social mission, will be rewarded with the benefits (savings and perks) from other organizations who are in alliance with PHIERS.



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