Public/Private Funders

Did you know…that there are more than 1,600 government funding programs, many which have overlapping charges and responsibilities?  For example, dual eligible patients with complex care needs rely on public health and social services for their survival. Many receive benefits from dozens of government-funded programs concurrently, which don’t collaborate with one another.  This approach leads to fragmented and uncoordinated services which increase the inefficiency, risk and cost of providing these services in the first place.


PHIERworks will aid safety net programs and providers in migrating to a unified case management system (based on VistA), thereby eliminating data silos and synthesizing a unified system where fragmented care currently exists. This will increase transparency and accountability, while improving the quality and efficiency of services rendered to the members enrolled in our program. In turn, the value of each dollar invested into government-funded programs will be maximized. will also assist any community organization willing to migrate to VistA, to improve collaboration with the vast network of hospitals, clinics and nursing homes which already use it in cities and communities across the nation. Thus, the cost impact of public/private investments into safety net programs will multiply – improving population health and cost-benefits to society, simultaneously, and faster as time passes and more individuals join the cause.

This service can stretch the value of dollars invested into government-funded safety net programs, without introducing new taxes or legislation.  It is a low cost, high impact solution to many of the challenges facing America’s healthcare delivery system today. This service will directly increase the solvency of entitlement programs now, as well as in the decades to come. PHIERS is a viable, sustainable and proactive response to anticipated funding cuts.

Similar to nature, which often devises the most clever, yet simple solutions, certain trees exist whose seeds are encased in shells requiring fire to open them, and when this happens, that seed can then be planted and a new life created, as that seed spreads its roots.  

Many people think of fire in a negative or destructive way; we choose to look at things differently.  We choose to see fires, or PHIERS, as a catalyst for positive returns, change, and above all else, relief.  And because of the altruistic nature of this program, and because it is for, of and by the people, everybody wins!