About Us

phiers-logo-clearPHIERS.org is a public benefit cooperative organization that provides tools, resources, services and support needed to help safety net providers thrive. Our mission is to create self sustaining jobs and small businesses that strengthen the public health and social safety net while improving access, options and outcomes for vulnerable populations. PHIERS (Public Health Information Exchange & Referral Service), pronounced “fires”, is a community-enabling solution that can reduce healthcare costs, without increasing taxes, raising the deficit or requiring legislation.


  • By training front line health and social workers to use a shared and secure existing health information ”service” (VistA), we can improve the quality and continuity of care offered to high need, high cost patients.
  • By combining best practices into a simple, effective suite of [free] tools, resources and support that can improve the health status of participating communities.
  • By leveraging the strengths of the local community and economies of scale to negotiate for lower prices for health-related goods and services (including prescription drugs and medical devices).
  • By helping healthcare consumers, providers and safety net programs take full advantage of community resources, and in so doing provide patients with low-cost medical homes that coordinate interventions, primary care and transportation.

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