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Healthcare costs are rising for 7 reasons that PHIERS can fix.

  1. Uncoordinated care cost the U.S. $270B in 2015, and those costs are rising as inequality and inequity take their toll on healthcare spending.  PHIERplace can help.

  1. Millions of underemployed health / social workers exists, but there are not enough funded positions to meet rising demand.  PHIERworks can help.

  1. Dual-eligibles are the fastest growing and most costly health care consumers in the world, and things will only get worse after entitlements cuts happens.   PHIERrescue can help.

  1. Medicare pays high prices because they cannot negotiate for lower prices for prescription medications, or because too few alternative options exist.   PHIERSale can help.
  1. Safety, quality and continuity of care are jeopardized, largely because commercial electronic health records are not interoperable and data is not often shared across organizational or state boundaries.  PHIERSafe and the PHIERplace can help.
  1. Insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays are on the rise, while medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S.  PHIERS addresses the needs of the 3 main stakeholders.
  1. Experts at a recent Alliance for Health Reform event described the need for solutions like PHIERS.   Click the image below to see and hear what they had to say at their latest event.

The Takeaway:  The need to collaboration across organizational boundaries is real. VistA can bridge the information and care gaps using a standard approach already embraced by hospitals, clinics and nursing homes across the nation. Opt-in participation deals overcomes many issues that keep care and data fragmented. PHIERS is a viable response to many of the challenges facing our nation.

All 7 responses listed above are 100% evidence-based, and proof that healthcare costs do not have to keep rising – if we do our part and work together to have a positive impact on our families, friends and community. We are committed to doing our part, and won’t rest until everyone has affordable access to better quality care and support. And because most (if not all) of these resources already exist and are readily accessible, we hope that you will join us in uniting them, paving the way to a brighter, healthier tomorrow for us all.

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