… will help high-need, high-cost patients better adhere to their care plans.

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Some of the fastest growing and costliest health care consumers in our nation, are poor seniors and disabled persons who are living with complex chronic diseases (many of them are our veterans). This group is often dually-eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid (often referred to as “dual eligibles” or “duals”). Coordinating care and services for this diverse and high-maintenance demographic is an essential step to improving the wellbeing of our population and containing future health care costs.

By promoting collaboration between community organizations and safety net programs using the same case management system and health information service, we can easily improve the quality and continuity of care for high risk patients – like veterans and dual-eligibles – as well as families of wounded and returning soldiers. Many of these families often have complex financial, social, behavioral and physical health issues, which community-based and safety net organizations can better serve, if they were to have access to additional staff and training, which PHIERS is in the best-fit position to provide.

PHIERrescue is an interactive web-based platform that connects people with free and paid services such as healthcare, job training, and child and adult day care services that can help improve the quality of life of everyone who joins our Cause. It is our goal to train health and social workers, mental health professionals, school nurses and medical transportation providers to work better, together, to improve the quality of care transitions as patients travel across settings and between providers.

Since veterans, poor seniors, families, and individuals are often co-located communities with struggling schools, a lack of resources, and few redemptive opportunities, PHIERS can directly address the needs of low-income families through PHIERStations, or participating community organizations and small businesses with social missions, and/or public health or social support services.

PHIERS can serve the needs of each person in the program, addressing the whole person, their family and loved ones, and, ultimately, the entire community in general. This solution is within reach, and by strengthening and expanding the safety net to better keep pace with rising demand, our true strength will come from our membership numbers. 

This holistic approach is especially important to remember, as complex chronic diseases increase in frequency, complexity and cost to treat as the population ages, and as price gouging for health-related products and services takes its toll, it is imperative that the people have a solution, or at least a plan, for if they or a loved one is afflicted by an infectious or chronic disease challenged by limited and costly treatment options.  Luckily, PHIERS has that solution.  

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