Families and Caregivers

Family caregivers have a critical responsibility for the physical, emotional, and (oftentimes) financial support of another person, who is unable to care for him/herself due to illness, injury or disability. PHIERS and its caregiver support network will provide family caregivers, the unsung heroes of health reform, with the tools and support they need to manage conflicting priorities (e.g. having a trained caregiver come in and assist people who cannot care for themselves, allowing the primary caregiver the opportunity to go to work), as well as manage the health and wellbeing of patients in their care.

PHIERS.org will provide a secure online solution for many of the challenges facing family caregivers.  These benefits include specially trained health / social support and respite services, in addition to providing access to the resources needed for caregivers of adults with chronic physical or cognitive conditions.  

This program will help them find peace, knowing that they are not alone, and that there are caring people around them, supporting them in any way possible, and ensuring that they have the attention, care, and affection which plays an enormous role in mental, physical, and emotional comfort. By partnering with local faith and community based organizations, which tend to foster senses of acceptance, respect, and love, we can improve patient and caregiver adherence to care plans after discharge, by following up with these community-based organizations; again, like many other facets of our solution, this is extremely likely to reduce the likelihood of complications, ER visits, and readmissions, and can potentially save billions of dollars on an annual basis.

Another tremendous benefit of this program is the resulting peace of mind and sense of connectedness that participants will feel – once connected to the PHIERStorm.  Not only can we enhance the well-being of those who are ill, or need external assistance, but we can also promote a sense of peace, respect, and unity within and among people of ALL WALKS OF LIFE.  

When we realize that the only things preventing us from working together are preconceived notions, or an unwillingness to step outside of one’s own comfort zone, a new set of doors open. These doors lead to eternal/internal salvation; to inner peace; to finding who you are, while simultaneously performing altruistic acts of kindness for others, because that’s what this collaborative is about. If you fall ill, it will simply be somebody else in the network taking care of you, and so we are working together to create a beautiful cycle of love and unity, where we all benefit by leveraging the strengths of each other.

Once you join PHIERS and PHIERS becomes operational in a city or community near you, you will be asked a brief set of questions that lead to a personal dashboard loaded with information that matches your unique caregiving needs.

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  1. To really raise the bar on reducing hospital readmissions, make sure that you are partnering with a Medicare provider of Home Health Care; these are the organizations that provide the skilled services needed to keep your clients safe at home, and able to continue using your services longer!Like It: 0

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