PHIERS will provide collaborative tools, training, and job matching and placement services to help safety net programs keep up with the rising demand for quality services. This will reduce the impact of funding cuts to entitlement programs (like Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security) by helping existing initiatives adopt technology, which has already been embraced by groups like the VA and the WHO.  These organizations are on the front-line when it comes to combatting chronic diseases, and by using the same infrastructure used by PHIERS, the fragmentation of data and care are diminished while healthcare costs are simultaneously reduced.  

This approach will improve the quality and continuity of care as patients travel across settings and between providers.  Once launched, PHIERS will make it easier to provide better coordinated, less costly care for all participants, thus improving the overall health status of individuals, families, communities, and safety net programs.  

This community-based initiative will enable more patients to age with dignity and independence, in the comfort of their homes and surrounded by loved ones.  Once PHIERS is launched, patients will benefit from better coordinated, more comprehensive, and timely, local care. Special emphasis will be placed on creating jobs to expand access to nurse-led primary care, as well as behavioral health and social support programs for people of all ages, races, religions and walks of life.  

PHIERS offers an apolitical, non-partisan, color- and religion-blind solution to the issues that threaten to tear our nation apart.

By working together toward mutually-beneficial goals for the communities served, we can improve options, decisions, outcomes and cost benefits to society – while enhancing the health status of entire communities.  Everyone benefits.


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